Amy Phillips Chuckrow spends her summers painting landscapes on Nantucket, where she has fallen in love with the many different light effects found on the Island. The Brant Point Lighthouse is one of her favorite spots to paint. “There is so much going on here,” she says, “whether it is the sun burning through early morning mist, or boats sailing by on a clear and windy afternoon. Sometimes there are white caps on the water and sometimes the water is still and translucent.”
When a plein air painter works outside, it’s impossible not to notice that the visual world changes constantly. The shadows grow longer or shorter. The goal of a landscape painter is to capture a particular visual moment by unifying the visual phenomena occurring around her. By creating a beautiful image, the artist evokes a feeling in the viewer that speaks a familiar language. In other words, the viewer feels as though they have been there.
Amy graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1981 with a major in Painting.  After graduating, Amy sought a traditional program that would help her develop the technical skills required to paint landscapes accurately and beautifully.  She studied with Paul Ingbretson in an atelier system in Boston.   Ingbretson was a student of Robert Ives Gammel, a well-known painter who mastered and taught the techniques of traditional impressionist painting that were practiced in Europe at the turn of the century.
Eventually, Amy purchased her own studio at the Fenway Studios where she works during the winter months. She spends her summers painting landscapes on Nantucket, and paints the Vermont countryside in the autumn.  As a student she spent many summers on Nantucket studying landscape painting with Tom Dunlay.
Over the years, she has participating in several group shows, including the Powers Gallery, Acton; Jensen Fine Arts, Chestnut Hill; Gallery Five Hundred, Weston; The Guild of Boston Artists; and the East End Gallery, Nantucket.  Amy won the 2011 New England Representational Painting Gold Medal from the Guild of Boston Artists.
Amy Chuckrow
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